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Interview by the Intuitive Times with Dr. Richard Gerber,M.D, author of 'Vibrational Medicine - new Choices for Healing Ourselves'

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The following excerpts are from an interview that the Intuitive Times had the privilege to conduct with Dr. Richard Gerber, M.D. author of the ground breaking book "Vibrational Medicine". Originally published in 1988, it underwent a revision and was reprinted in 1996. His book, "Vibrational Medicine" was a revolutionary bridge between the metaphysical and medical communities. Through his writings, actions, thoughts and intent, Dr. Richard Gerber is a leader in our time of breaking ground to integrate mainstream medicine and vibrational medicine.

Richard M. Gerber M.D. is a physician/internist with the Charwood Medical Group. He is also an International lecturer in Alternative Healing Approaches. Gerber has a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from the University of Michigan and a Medical Degree from Wayne State University School of Medicine. He has also studied Acupuncture through the Medical Acupuncture for Physicians program. He is a member of several organizations including Michigan State Medical Society, Macomb County Medical Society, International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM), and the International Advisory Board-Dove Health Alliance/Dove Healing Trust, U.K.

Richard Gerber has written several books including "Vibrational Medicine: New Choices for Healing Ourselves" and "Vibrational Medicine for the 21st Century: The Complete Guide to Energy Healing and Spiritual Transformation". He also authored the Chapter "The Anatomy of Subtle Energy and Healing" in the 'Textbook of Complementary and Alternative Medicine.'

"If we are beings of energy, then it follows that we can be affected by energy."

IT The first and most obvious question is What is Vibrational Medicine?

RG At a very simplistic level, Vibrational Medicine is the use of different forms and frequencies of energy in healing. On the one level, it's the use of electro-magnetic fields in different forms and frequencies in a way that is kind of like the ‘Star Trek' way of medicine. You have Dr. Crusher holding her instruments and scanning the patient and getting life sign readings. When someone comes in with an injury on the arm, you aim this little hand held beam and you see the wound close up as the beam energizes it. I think we're at the infancy of seeing the development those kinds of technologies for the accelerated diagnostic and wound healing types of tools which use electro-magnetic frequencies for healing.

But the area that I think is of even greater interest is the flip side of those forms of frequencies of energy which is the use of life force energy. I liken that to the concept presented in ‘Star Wars' of the ‘Force.' The ‘Force' being a kind of binding energy that connects us one to another and that is in fact responsive to our consciousness. It is very similar to the Chinese concept of ‘chi' or life energy that is this cosmic universal energy that flows through us. Chi Gong Masters have learned how to move this life force energy or ‘chi' through their bodies and the meridians to accomplish healing even at a distance.

The other side of "Vibrational Medicine"is learning to deal with the different frequencies and flavours of life force energy. This involves the wider spectrum of healing modalities like homeopathic remedies, flower essences, therapies such as Therapeutic Touch and spiritual healing. These are all different aspects of what I consider to be more life force energy than electro-magnetic energy. I think Vibrational Medicine is the first spiritual science to evolve that unites science and spirituality in a model that really looks at human beings as not just a physical mechanism of flesh and blood, but more like this body, mind spirit complex. Healing involves the correction of disturbances at all these different levels. Vibrational Medicines allow us to not only heal the physical body directly, but to work at the mental and the emotional and the spiritual levels as well. The electro-magnetic therapies are not necessarily capable of healing all these levels although they are certainly in the family of energy healing modalities.

IT Your approach to medicine is to view the world in a broader vista that Newtonian Medicine allows you to. You have seen a broader view through Einsteinian Medicine. Do you envision newly discovered views such as quantum physics impacting allopathic (modern) medicine in the near future?

RG The insights of Einsteinian physics and quantum physics are helpful from the perspective of redefining what it means to be a human being. We are not just a physical, bio-mechanism. Unfortunately our current medical system is still based on the Newtonian nuts and bolts physics model of the human being as a mechanism, even though the gears, the pulleys and the little parts have gotten smaller and smaller as our microscopic technologies have gotten more and more sophisticated.

Now we talk about fixing the machine at the molecular level by supplying the missing, dysfunctional or broken parts with a surgical procedure like taking our a kidney that is failing and replacing it with a kidney transplant. We talk about people now supplying the missing molecule. People who are diabetic can inject themselves with recombinant DNA produced human insulin that replaces this missing component through an injection. But it is still a very mechanistic model.

What the Einsteinian viewpoint says is that even these molecules that we're injecting ourselves with at the quantum level are really just different forms and patterns of energy. The Newtonian/Einsteinian schism is really about what actually is the nature of human beings. If we can rethink who we are by understanding that were are not just as these flesh and blood machines, but in fact we are energy and even spirit manifested through this physical form. Once you embrace this you have a better understanding of how one can have an impact on health and illness from not just the physical level but the higher levels as well. The higher levels although you can define them on a mathematical level in terms of quantum physics and the existence of other levels, it is really more about understanding how the different energy components are part of information systems of the body and helps to provide the structure of our bodies. For instance, it is the etheric body and not just the memory within our genetic code which is the template that helps guide the development of each of us in the womb.

The future holds the promise of the marriage between what we've already learned with what we are beginning to learn about our real energetic roots. How that is going to translate into actual medical therapy is difficult to say. I think we're in a transitional period in human history right now where what will probably be the most advantageous approach is what Dr. Andrew Weill calls "Integrative Medicine" which is really Doctors trying to combine the best of both worlds of what Newtonian science and approaches have been able to give us in terms of miraculous healings with pharmaceuticals and surgical procedures.

There is no question that modern medicine has advanced our general health a great deal, but with regards to things like chronic illness we're still not curing many more cases of lung cancer or colon cancer than we did 20 years ago. We're getting a little bit better with our adjunctive chemo-therapy and radiation, but we're still locked into this old model where if we could shift to a more energetic model we could look at how to destroy cancer cells and perhaps the micro-biologic or viral cause of some cancers using energy in different forms and frequencies.

This brings us to a path that has been buried by ignorance and greed and various other reasons. We had the cure for cancer 30 years ago and it was lost. It was an energetic therapy that could energetically destroy cancer cells without affecting the human being and with no side effects. It's been lost. You've heard of the Rife technology?

IT Yes, that was actually one of our questions - so that is lost now is it?

RB Well, I'm in the process of trying to connect with some people who are exploring rediscovering that technology in different forms. A number of different things have to come together in order for that to happen, not the least of which is funding. I may finally have found some people who might be in a position to fund some of this alternative research. Unfortunately it has had to remain underground for so many years because it was so caught up in the court system that if you actually had one of the Rife Devices you ran the risk of losing your medical license in spite of the fact that this thing had rated a 90% cure rate.

IT Can you elaborate a bit on how the Rife technology works?

RG I'm beginning to understand more of that right now, but the basic principal is essentially resonance. Rife came along with a rather unusual microscope that defies the laws of optics. It involves quartz optics and ultra-violet light in order to illuminate different things under the microscope. Conventional microscopy of the day which to this day, even electro-microscopy, involves looking at tissue that is dead. Rife's system could actually illuminate viruses and cells while they were still alive and he would be able to illuminate them is such a way that they actually fluoresced under their own ultra-violet emissions of different frequencies of light of different colours.

The first part of Rife's work was that he was able to isolate from every cancer tissue specimen sent to him by surgeons a particular organism that he called the 'X' organism. At the time people thought he was crazy to think that viruses could cause cancer. Rife was vilified during his time because it was not a very popular theory. Somebody won the Nobel Prize 10 to 20 years later for their theory of the model of viral induction of breast cancer in mice.

The second thing that he was able to do while looking at whatever live organism was under the microscope was to tune into different frequencies from a generator that he had to find out what the resonate note was of each organism. Like the Memorex commercial where Ella Fitzgerald sings a note that shatters the wine glass, he found the resonate frequency of the organism and developed a method of delivering an energy beam of this frequency to patients for maybe a five minute exposure. This was enough to actually destroyed the cancer causing virus. People were evaluated at a clinic in California. There was a 98% cure rate of 20 people who were considered terminal. Essentially what he was doing was a pure energy medicine therapy for resonantly destroying just the cancer causing organism. Even with some of the gene theories, onco-genes, that may cause cancer, whose to say that some of these genes aren't in fact pieces of viral-genetic material that have been incorporated into human cell lines. He used this technology called the Rife Beam Ray, to heal people with not only cancer, but people with chronic bone infection, bacterial infection and other such things like that.

Unfortunately there were some rather greedy people in the medical establishment who wanted to buy into the Rife's technology so they could control how much it would cost and charge the patient. When they were not allowed to buy into it because Rife wanted to preserve the technology to ensure that it would be accessible to everyone, they went behind the scenes with some very high people in politics to drag his name through the dirt and the court system. Unfortunately they lost the battle and the equipment was confiscated. If you were caught with one of these devices, you would loose your license This is in spite of the fact that many people came to Rife's trials who were on death's door when he first met them and were cured with this technology.

Regardless of the fact that it worked, it was an unpopular theory. That is representative of the problem that vibrational or energy medicine has had through the years. People tend to dismiss the cure if there is no theoretical model that can support why it works. What's happening now in modern medicine is that we are shifting to what is called evidence based research where people are looking at treatment outcomes and not getting lost in the mechanism. If you do 20 cases with the conventional approach and 20 cases with the vibrational medicine and twice as many got better in the vibrational approach then you've got to accept that maybe there really is something going on here and that we may have to change some of our theories and models to understand why we are getting better results.

That is really what I am advocating is a search to validate not only the efficacy of vibrational medicine therapies, but to understand not only how they work, but what things work better in conjunction with each other. How we can combine vibrational modalities with conventional approaches. For instance doing Therapeutic Touch after surgery to assist healing and recovery and preventing post-operative infections. That is what I think the future in the short-term is going to be. This Integrative approach where we try to see how we can combine the best of what we are already doing with some of these other things which are new and some of which are ancient healing technologies which we are only now beginning to understand.

IT You mentioned that some cancers are caused by viruses. Can you elaborate on that?

RG There are specific viruses that it is accepted now that are the cause of certain cancers. For example, the Epstein Barr virus is considered to be the cause of Birken's lymphoma, certain cancers involving the nodes and sinuses, and cervical cancer has been related to another virus. The viral model is now gaining more weight, 70 odd years after Rife was talking about viruses as cancer causing agents. The problem is that we don't have a lot of good drugs to get rid of viruses from the body. To be able to have something that would energetically just destroy the virus without affecting the host would really be quite elegant.

IT You talk about the Benveniste study on homeopathic medicine published in Nature which was a watershed event. The debunkers of Vibrational Medicine came forth with a vengeance. What do you attribute this type of reaction to? And how do you cope with this?

RG There are a couple of things which come to mind. One is the idea that there is a threat to mainstream science. Somehow the people in the scientific community feel they are faced with the possibility of either accepting that everything I've learned is wrong which would be catastrophic. It is much easier to say this is all an anomaly or a hoax, rather than having to rethink your model of the universe. The true scientist wants proof of the truth. They do not worry about their investment in the theory of the day. They try to find what theories in science explains the evidence and do not dismiss the results because they don't fit in this little box that we have created for analyzing phenomena. There are so many anomalic observations that have to be dismissed by the hard nosed mainstreamed scientist, because it just doesn't fit. It's much easier to just dismiss these things than to invest the kind of energy it takes to really look and re-examine the model.

What often happens in the history of science is that when any new remarkable discovery comes out, the vast majority of main stream scientists reject it. If you look at Pasteur looking at these invisible microscopic agents that might cause disease or Lister saying you had to wash your hands before surgery because it might cause disease was considered a lot of bunk. Now of course, we know that both Pasteur and Lister were right and everyone else was wrong. But that is the nature of science . Most people who have radical new ideas, that are in fact correct, are thought to be crazy by the rest of the mainstream because they are just a little too far ahead. There is this tendency in mainstream science to want to protect everything that they have come to know and love and hold dear, rather than to try and change it. People resist change.

How do I cope with it? Well it's funny, my best friend has my first book on vibrational medicine. He hasn't gotten beyond the first three pages - the introduction. He's my best devil's advocate. He doesn't believe in most of this stuff. I've had many years of training with him to try and convince him of its validity. After a while, I just shifted my approach to not getting bent out of shape at all or just ignoring the criticism because the criticism is not going to change. I try to find the language to communicate in a very non-threatening way that instils the idea that maybe there is a little something to look at here and that maybe we need to bend our scientific principles a bit.

Personally, I try to avoid all the controversy. I am merely interested in providing people with what I consider to be good information on what I believe is an evolving model of medicine that may hold the answer to finding the cures for a lot of chronic diseases that we're just not curing. I'm just trying to find a better way to help people.

I have found that how you share your truth has a great deal to do with whether or not you get acceptance. In 1988 when my book first came out I was asked to make a presentation to my colleagues at the Hospital I work in. I was a bit concerned about the type of response I might get. I presented a talk, which I labeled "Newtonian versus Einsteinian Medicine." I used very scientific terminology and we talked about things like the wave particle reality and the energetic nature of matter. I talked about the acupuncture meridian system and studies of the meridian system,. I presented some data on the acceleration of wound healing with the use of Therapeutic Touch. People stayed around beyond the original time allotted because they were so fascinated and for weeks later people came up to me and said that they had been interested in this for some time but had not heard it presented in such a fashion before. I think if you begin by approaching people from where they are coming from using the language that they are most comfortable with in a very non-threatening way, you can lead them to gradually understand it.

I try to be a bridge between the lay community and the medical community, between the metaphysical and the scientific groups. The underlying issue with vibrational medicine is the spiritual causality. What that implies in terms of the spiritual evolution of the person is one of the questions. People ask how did the disease get started? Well there's plenty of research in pathology and causation of viruses but when you really ask the question as to why this happened, then it is a spiritual question. Not everybody is quite ready to handle that information. I'm like a pioneer scout officer trying to get the information in a form that we can help communicate better, help health care practitioners as well as help people take charge of their healing and spiritual development.

IT One of the things that we work on when were talking about healing from a spiritual perspective is that we teach people when their doing spiritual healing or really any kind of energetic healing to use a prayer of intent. For example, "let this healing take away the pain and the source of the pain as it is for the person's own best good." This takes the power out of the healers hands and puts it in Spirit's hands.

RG What you are really asking for is that the best possible spiritual out-come without trying to be directive in how you think it should turn out. That's a very safe way of approaching it because you can't always heal. For example, a person who has a pending court case with whip lash does not want to be healed until that court case gives them their settlement. They want to show that they've been to all these practitioners and that nothing has helped because they are emotionally, mentally, spiritually invested in holding on to that illness for whatever reason. You can only hope and pray that whatever happens, happens for the person's higher good.

IT You are a strong proponent of creating harmony between allopathic and complementary medicines. How far do you think we've come and how far do you think we have to go?

RG I've been very pleasantly surprised at the number of doctors who called me after reading my first book who had an interest in the area but never really thought it was scientific enough to study or be believe in. My favourite was this 6 foot 5 inch beared gynecologist who at a conference came up to me and gave me this huge hug and said, "You're my hero." To be able to see these kinds of responses in allopathic medicine or to see all of the doctors at my Hospital congratulating me on a presentation on, ‘Acupuncture and the Energetic Nature of the Body,' says there is hope out there. What's happened in the 13 years since the book has first come out is that we are seeing more and more studies validating complementary and vibrational medicine approaches. There is a whole new level of acceptance of these areas of study. Medical Schools are now offering courses in it. The Medical School that I went to, Wayne State in Detroit, where I was considered a little bit far out by my classmates has for the last 8 years has had me teaching in their complementary/alternative medicine programme for medical students. It's come around full circle. What I was thought to be a crack pot about in those days has now become mainstream.

It's having a gradual effect. I'm very pleased that my book has been translated into 6 or 7 foreign languages already. I get calls from Australia, China, Italy so I think it is having the gradual effect of shifting the thought form of the planet about what forms of healing are possible even in allopathic medicine. The biggest thing I've learned about the nature of scientific revolutions is that the way things change are quite simple, basically 1) someone comes along with a good idea and 2) all the opponents die off. All of the new people who are now schooled in what is now mainstream theory, but considered radical 50 years ago, say ‘what's the big hub bub about? - this is all straight forward.' They were not born in the time of the conflict and the argument over why these theories were preposterous at the time. The science eventually came along because it took 50 years to validate what the pioneers were talking about. It's basically a question of out-living your opponents.

The other thing it has taught me, from a more personal perspective, is that there really aren't any opponents or negatives. I send unconditional love to my negative approach opponents. I just send them unconditional love and say you go on with your business and I'll go on with mine - disentangle me from your karma. I have to respect their journey. Not every one is ready for your truth, even if it is the truth. It is not necessarily their truth at that point in their journey or spiritual evolution. They may come to recognize it eventually. Everyone had their own time to recognize what is an appropriate truth for them. Everyone's coming along at their own pace. There is a reason, a purposefulness to everything. We may not necessarily understand it.

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