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Interview by the Intuitive Times with Dr. Richard Gerber,M.D, author of 'Vibrational Medicine - new Choices for Healing Ourselves'
Part 2

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The following is the second part of an interview that the Intuitive Times conducted with Dr. Richard Gerber, M.D. author of the ground breaking book Vibrational Medicine. Originally published in 1988, it underwent a revision and was reprinted in 1996. His book, "Vibrational Medicine" was a revolutionary bridge between the metaphysical and medical communities. He continues his work exploring the potential of vibrational medicine. He has just completed his second book which is now available.

Dr. Gerber received his medical degree from Wayne State University School of Medicine, and currently practices internal medicine in a suburb of Detroit. Although he considered himself to be an analytical and left-brained person, he commenced his education with strong metaphysical leanings. He has researched alternative methods for diagnosis and healing, including the use of Kirlian photography for cancer detection, while continuing to advance his career in orthodox medicine.

"If we are beings of energy, then it follows that we can be affected by energy."

For Those of you who missed the last issue of the Intuitive Times, we felt we should include this question from the last issue.

IT The first and most obvious question is What is Vibrational Medicine?

RG At a very simplistic level, Vibrational Medicine is the use of different forms and frequencies of energy in healing. On the one level, it's the use of electro-magnetic fields in different forms and frequencies in a way that is kind of like the ‘Star Trek' way of medicine. You have Dr. Crusher holding her instruments and scanning the patient and getting life sign readings. When someone comes in with an injury on the arm, you aim this little hand held beam and you see the wound close up as the beam energizes it. I think we're at the infancy of seeing the development those kinds of technologies for the accelerated diagnostic and wound healing types of tools which use electro-magnetic frequencies for healing.

But the area that I think is of even greater interest is the flip side of those forms of frequencies of energy which is the use of life force energy. I liken that to the concept presented in ‘Star Wars' of the ‘Force.' The ‘Force' being a kind of binding energy that connects us one to another and that is in fact responsive to our consciousness. It is very similar to the Chinese concept of ‘chi' or life energy that is this cosmic universal energy that flows through us. Chi Gong Masters have learned how to move this life force energy or ‘chi' through their bodies and the meridians to accomplish healing even at a distance.

The other side of "Vibrational Medicine"is learning to deal with the different frequencies and flavours of life force energy. This involves the wider spectrum of healing modalities like homeopathic remedies, flower essences, therapies such as Therapeutic Touch and spiritual healing. These are all different aspects of what I consider to be more life force energy than electro-magnetic energy. I think Vibrational Medicine is the first spiritual science to evolve that unites science and spirituality in a model that really looks at human beings as not just a physical mechanism of flesh and blood, but more like this body, mind spirit complex. Healing involves the correction of disturbances at all these different levels. Vibrational Medicines allow us to not only heal the physical body directly, but to work at the mental and the emotional and the spiritual levels as well. The electro-magnetic therapies are not necessarily capable of healing all these levels although they are certainly in the family of energy healing modalities.

Part 2

IT It would appear that a lot of the foundations for Vibrational Medicine draws on the age-old traditions found in Eastern cultures like Japan, China and India. Can you discuss that a bit?

RG There are two models that come into play. One is the model of the chakras which you find in the Yogic traditions. That is really more of the spiritual philosophy that is starting to receive a lot of interest, especially with people like Carolyn Myss in her approach to energy anatomy and why people don't heal.

The idea that there are these major energy centres of the body that not only supply a universal life energy, that the Yogic Masters refer to as prana, but there are also emotional and spiritual energy chakras that are like memory banks of different levels of emotional experience that relate to certain key issues of human emotional and spiritual development. For example the lower chakras not only feed energy to the pelvic area and the sexual organs, but they also come into play when people have dysfunctional sexual relationships as well as people who have unscrupulous business practices and are not really honouring another person. These things actually translate into disturbances of the chakra system that go on to create a weakness in the body that may then translate into a predisposition for an illness that you get in that area of the body.

Being able to direct energy healing modality according to that model as well as trying to shift one's emotions and attitudes that come into play with those emotional energy centres gives us the guide as how to relate the ‘why' with what things have to be done with respect to the shift of one's emotional and spiritual attitudes with what has to be done in order to bring about long lasting healing.

The other aspect of the Eastern model is the Asian or Chinese model of the acupuncture meridian system is the idea that suggests we have this bio-circuitry throughout the body that supplies this life energy that the Chinese call ‘chi' to different organs of the body and this ‘chi' is affected by the amount of energy that we inherit from our parents, and such things as diet. To most Chinese medical practitioners most illness can be translated into some disturbance in a person's ‘chi' energy.

The art of acupuncture involves trying to redirect the flow of this ‘chi' or life energy to the areas of the body that most need it and are somehow deficient in it because of abnormal flow of energy through the meridians. The theory of the meridian system and the more recent Western validation of it's actual existence has led to whole new technologies as well as treatment approaches.

You can actually find the acupressure points which are relay points along this bio-circuitry network in the body with electrical skin conduction meters that measure the amount of electricity that our skin can conduct. The acupressure points actually measure 20 times the amount of electrical current than the surrounding skin.

In many physio-therapy departments they have a map of the acupressure points on the wall because they have found that if you direct a ‘tens' device (an electrical device for tuning away pain) put the electrodes not just on a random fashion, but actually on an energy point that it would increase the pain release by twice as much.

You could actually use these acupressure points on the body not as treatment points to which you can manipulate energy not only through needles or finger pressure, but you can place small permanent magnets from Radio Shack, you can shine different colours of light - there are so many ways to stimulate these energy points that it is amazing.

The area that I find the most intriguing as far as the future of vibrational medicine is that in each of these higher circuits, these meridians, is that you can get electrical information that reflects the health of the organs that they are connected to. So if you touch the acu-point on the finger that is connected to the lung or the liver or the kidney or the bladder, with an instrument called an electro-dermal diagnostic instrument, you can actually get information about the health status of all the organs in your body and even find which types of remedies that are most helpful in re-balancing energy disturbances in your body to bring about healing. These two models, the chakra system and the meridian system are key in understanding the potential of vibrational medicine.

IT To what do you attribute the inability of Western Medicine to acknowledge some of the time honoured ‘other' cultural approaches to medicine?

RG I think one basic thing is, ‘I didn't learn about it in medical school so it must not exist. If I don't know about it, it cannot be possible.' People are very idiosyncratic and ethnocentric in their opinions. A very telling statement from Chinese healing researchers dealing with the World Research Foundation had this discussion about alternative medicine. They asked why do you keep using this drug therapy - it has so many side affects and all of these things dealing with herbs and such have so few side effects. The Chinese consider drug therapy to be an alternative therapy. A lot of it is just scientific ethno-centrist in that if it doesn't fall in the scope of people's model, their world view and belief system, then t they don't have a block that they can fit it in, they can't file away the understanding. It's kind of similar to this idea of how perception changes what you see. For instance, if you have two people seeing the identical light zoom across the sky - one person looks at it and says ‘I see a plane.' The other looks at it and says, ‘I don't know, I've never seen a plane make a 45 degree angle and things like that, I think it's a UFO.'

People's perceptual and belief systems cause them to interpret that same incident differently and I think the same holds true for scientific viewing - you only see what you allow yourself to see. Some of this does involve having to change people's opinion about the basic nature of the world.

IT How would you describe the ‘other' senses that Vibrational medicine taps into?

RG Different people call it differently: some call it ESP, others like Barbara Brenner call it higher perception. Once again it involves the chakras. The chakras are actually organs of perception as well as energy transformers of the body.

The third eye, the brow chakra is involved with ‘clairvoyant' or visual perception of different types of life energy phenomena. A lot of people see the aura not only with their eyes open but with their eyes closed - well how does that work? It's probably because they're getting the information not only through the retina but also through the brow chakra. The throat chakra is involved in psychic gifts that might be called clairaudient - being able to hear certain vibrations that are beyond the auditory range. The solar plexus has to do with the psychic perceptual ability of clairsentience of feelings. A lot of people have this common experience of what they call your ‘gut' instinct. It's not just something that's limited to women's intuition. It's our perception as to whether or not something is going right or wrong or should we trust someone. These are all the effects of some of our extended energy anatomy because it involves receiving information through something other than normal channels. That doesn't make them any less valid. It's just that we need to develop technology that are as good as the human instrument.

There was a researcher from the 1800's called Karl Van Reihnbaeh who was an industrial chemist who introduced substances like creosote and parathion and many other items that are still used today. He did a tremendous amount of research into this life force energy or subtle energy using with high sensitives who had clairvoyant abilities. He did all kinds of experimentation, for instance he would have them look at a bar magnet and in 99 percent of the cases they could distinguish which was the north pole and which was the south pole because one pole always glowed blue and the other pole always glowed pink. I've had other people today replicate that and the fact that it is a repeatable observation means there is something really going on.

Since no one has ever written about this in any text book or it's never really been accepted, doesn't mean that the information is any less useful. Future research in vibrational medicine involves a combination of information gathering from not only instrumentation but from the human instrument as well. Combining all of the different ways to measure the energy interaction that's taking place between the patient and the therapeutic modality or between the patient and the healer, we still have a lot to learn about what's the real nature of healing.

Karl Van Reihnbaeh referred to this subtle energy as he called it, ‘Odial. or the odeck force of ? I recently discovered a book called ‘Rock Science' by author, Vaxillhelx. He did research on how he saw different energy associated with sunlight and different crystals. He found that if connected a metallic plate to a copper wire and placed it on the roof of a building and you brought the wire into a fairly dark room, the sensitive could actually see a small beam of light coming out of the copper wire. He discovered that crystals seemed to be magnifiers of energy.

Something seen with sensitives is that they become more sensitive to physical reality - they develop allergies. Earl Smith in his book, ‘Electric Man' found that there were two phenomena associated with people who were very allergic and hyper-sensitive. One was they often developed sensitivities around what they healed and the other was that they often messed up a lot of electronic equipment.

IT In your writing your refer to both an outer and an inner energetic environment. What do you mean by this?

RG The outer environment would be that which exists beyond the skin, that would be the energy environment in which we live and electro-magnetic radiation. Although there are other aspects of it, like some research has shown that certain intensities of magnetic fields of 50 cycles per second can accelerate the growth of pre-existing cancer cells. How that translates into human physiology is another question and gets into the controversy over power line transformers.

You have the outer environment being the universe at large, including solar energy, the affects of the moon and the stars. Then you have the whole thing, that has largely been unexplored or earth energy - called geo-pathic stress or bad earth energy. This is where it is not what you do or what you eat, it is where you sleep at night that is making you sick. Often times it relates to that normal magnetic field gradient and certain types of non-ionized radiations that are sensitive to certain areas of the planet. The Chinese approach with Feng Shui is the idea of building and designing to be in flow with the natural flow of ‘chi' energy to enhance health and prosperity. The flip side of that is the geo-pathic stress side of the equation which is that you can be living in an area which drains your ‘chi' energy.

The inner energy environments have to do with the balance of the life force energy in the acupuncture meridian systems and the chakras system. You have emotional and mental energies that are part of the inner energies although they extend out of the physical body. There are so many energy factors that are involved in health that we get to see that we very complex life forms living in a very energetically rich environment with some good and some bad energy. We are just now beginning to discover that we are benefits of sunlight that are not even known yet. Ancient approaches used the power of the sun. There is as whole technology of learning to tap into the positive energies of the sun that will be part of a whole new healing evolution.

IT You use the term ‘frozen light' in some of your writing. What is it?

RG It has more to do with the idea of when you look at what we are made up of, which is atoms, electrons, protons and neutrons. An electron is not so solid, they are waveable. When you begin to apply the quantum physics equation to understanding the real nature of solid matter, it turns out that the particles that make up thought at a sub-atomic level are actually more akin to frozen light. In more than a metaphysical way, we are literally beings of light - as our bodies and atoms that make up our bodies are clearly patterns of frozen energy.

IT How does the increased acceptance in therapies such as TT, Reiki, Spiritual Healing support the principles of Vibrational Medicine?

RG It's really a form of popularizations of what are actually very ancient healing and spiritual principles. It's only now that we are beginning to discover the science behind many healing approaches for many years before this scientific approach that were guided more spiritually and intuitively because they found what worked. They didn't necessarily know the scientific reasons as to why it worked. The two are complementary because the Reiki Master knows the mechanism through which it works and teaches the technique and now the scientist are saying well , we'd like to study the Reiki Masters because they can turn on this energy that we now have this theory to try to explain. It's all very complementary.

IT You've touched on this a bit but perhaps you can add to it. Do all energy therapies lend themselves to Western rigidly controlled scientific studies? Or do we need to develop new research methodology?

RG We have to develop new research methodology. For example, homeopathy - if you want to look at what remedies are good for relieving arthritis pain. If you were doing a double blind drug study then you would have a placebo versus drugs. But the problem with homeopathy is that here may be six or seven agents that will benefit six or seven different people with joint pain in their right hip versus their left hip, in their left hand versus their right hand, in pain that gets better with cold or with heat, and in homeopathy you have to tailor the exact remedy to the patient, you don't have one healing substance versus a placebo.

You have to get more into this evidence based research where you approximate a scenario using the appropriate selection methods for each patient on an individual basis and you compare the conventional approach with the vibrational approach in terms of treatment outcomes - how many patients got better? Then the big shocker is how much did it cost? I think what we'll find is that not only is the vibrational approach better, but it's cheaper with fewer side effects. With the economics that are helping to drive the greater interest in vibrational therapy the pre-eminence of the scientific jurisdiction over what makes sense and what doesn't is what is actually working and what we can afford. Vibrational healing was around long before we had pharmaceuticals.

IT In a world where thoughts become things, it can change the world.

RG Definitely. So if you can kindle enough minds to create that collective healing thought form it may be the catalyst that helps to shift the state of the whole cultural thought form. Unfortunately some of the practitioners get a little to ego invested. The great spiritual healers have always claimed that they are merely an agent for higher spiritual forces working through them. That is one of the ways that your can tell a truly gifted healer.

In the future if there ever is a Mayo Clinic of vibrational medicine at the International level there has to be at its core a group of spiritual like mined individuals that are really helping.

IT It has been said that using diagnostic techniques and our knowledge of vibrational medicine can create a whole new level of preventive medicine. Can you explain?

RG Oh definitely. There will be a day in the future when you go into your Doctor's office and you'll have a full body MRI scan that will not only tell you where your current problems are, but will enable your Doctor to tell you where your energy imbalances and disturbances are and where they are taking you in terms of potential illness you might have 5 to 10 years down the road. If we find disturbances in your liver meridian or your etheric kidneys or your bladder meridian, then you can start directing nutritional changes, and mental, emotional and attitudinal changes, nutritional shifts, vibrational modalities like homeopathy and other things to rebalance the body before illness ever shows up, It's really more akin to the original Chinese model where you paid the traditional Chinese medical practitioner to keep you healthy and when you got sick he had to pay you back. It was like the first HMO.

IT How do you know when you pick up a disturbance in the electro-magnetic field or the etheric body that it is a warning of disease and not the residue of disease gone by?

RG Depending on the type of imbalance that you have, you may find that, depending what actually causes the resonance. For instance if you pick up an imbalance in the liver meridian and what rebalance it is 200x potency of the Hepatitis B virus, that tends to imply that the disturbance was in fact caused by a previous infection Hepatitis B and it also presents you with the necessary potency you need to correct the imbalance. It gives you not only diagnosis in etiology, but provides you with the cure at the same time.

Which is one of the benefits of this electro-dermal screening - it does both diagnosis and figures out at the same time what is needed to rebalance. When you get into homeopathy and that theory then you get into things like is it my atoms that are the energy predisposition field is that you may not only have from exposure to toxins and pathogens in this life time but what you may have actually inherited in the way of energy predisposition from your parents. The so-called sins of the father are inherited by the son so to speak. An infection that your parents actually had, may be passed on as an energetic pre-disposition towards becoming ill when you turn 50 or 60. That brings up a whole ball of wax with the potential of disease that isn't even there yet and yet had the potential for disease and you can't depend on conventional drug therapy to do anything about this. You have to deal with energetic modalities

IT What do you see as the challenges of Vibrational Medicine?

RG To get people to believe that it is real! That's the biggest one. The second biggest challenge is in trying to understand how it works and how to best implement it - in single remedies, in combination, how do we make synergistic combinations of different remedies that may work best together. Maybe colour and light works good with homeopathy or with acupuncture. How do we combine things to find the best way that they work. The future lies in really good research and effective communication amongst researchers and sharing their findings.

We can really take a lot from the whole model of cancer research. They have these oncology groups that share treatment data from hundreds of patients in medical centres scattered throughout the world and they share their data on the computer. You could do the same with alternative therapies and enlist Universities and Clinics all around the world to study particular modalities and pool their treatment results which would add fairly large significance to what the findings are. We can look ans seethe best of what conventional medicine has brought about in terms of research technique and see what we can and cannot adapt to studying vibrational medicine and validating it for the next generation of physician healers.

IT How does that work? My impression of the Allopathic Medical community is that it is paternalistic and closed about such things.

RG I entered Med school with this idea that there were these things out there like Therapeutic Touch and Acupuncture and I asked my professors what do you think of this stuff? Is there any thing to it? How does it work? They all kind of scratched their heads. I immediately knew that if I was going to get any kind of answers that I'd have to find them myself. I started my own complementary and alternative education simultaneously with my conventional medical education and let me tell you - that hurt my head but good!

It's better to find out at that stage when your asking these questions. Here I was learning about all these drugs and memorizing these hundreds of side effects and on the other hand hearing about these energy healing modalities that don't have the same side-effects and may produce longer lasting healing effects. It makes you realize the world is not a black and white place. You have to learn to live in the gray zone where you have to recognize how to get a blend of the best of all worlds and figure out how to work within the mainstream and still study this kind of stuff. I've really been involved in studying or researching this stuff for more than 25 years.

IT Can you share with us a bit about your background with respect to how you became interested in metaphysics?

RG I've just always been interested in energy in one form or another. When I was 5 or 6, I was nick named the mad scientist by some of my friends and teachers. I've always been a little bit different than most kids, a little more introspective, a little more interested in psychic phenomena, things like death. It really came to a head when I started medical school and became interested in the whole nature of healing. I guess it first started with an interest in parapsychology and that shifted more toward an interest in what at that time was called paranormal healing. That branched out into this whole encompassing field of vibrational medicine.

IT Is there any thing else you'd like to say?

RG The biggest thing I've learned in all of this is probably the most powerful healing force that I've found in all of this is the power of love, unconditional love. Human beings have a natural haling capacity that they never told us about because we were not born with an owner's maintenance manual.

We have this capacity for loving and for healing, which is really just the intention to help or heal another person that is the catalyst in releasing that healing potential with other people. If more people could become aware of the fact that they have this tremendous healing capacity already within their grasp, that would do so much to advance vibrational medicine and healing - I can't even begin to think of all the ways. It goes back to the same basic spiritual truths - that love and forgiveness and releasing fear as a lot to do with who becomes sick and who becomes well and how we can help other people along the path to finding that out.

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