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Revs. Barry & Sandi King are the publishers of "The Intuitive Times" and "The Natural Choice Journal" The magazines are dedicated to sharing reliable information on spiritual and physical wellness modalities to empower people to make informed choices based on credible information. It is Revs. Barry & Sandi’s belief that awareness and knowledge are the primary elements necessary to eliminate prejudice and intolerance.

The “Intuitive Times” was published quarterly from 2000 – 2006 in print form with up to 20,000 magazines being distributed to readers. All the content found in the print form can be found on the website and we continue today to add content regularly.

The magazines were well received and from the feedback it was clear to us that it served an important need.

It is our hope that the magazines would promote a sense of community and bring together the allopathic and complementary communities. It is by working together as community that we will change the world.